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Epicor ERP is the most complete, modern Enterprise Resource Planning solution available today. The result is a seamless flow of real-time information across the business.

Epicor ERP has the following core Vertical Capabilities:


Supply Chain


Human Capital Management

Epicor iScala offers best of Breed functionality in the following Core Verticals


Business Architecture


Customer endorsements


Epicor Ace Clearwater Enterprises CS ENS

ACE Clearwater Enterprises (ACE) is a family-owned manufacturer of sheet metal products, specializing in complex formed and welded assemblies for the aerospace, automotive, and power-generation industries. Notable customers include Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, and several foreign aerospace companies.


Epicor Vacon CS ENS

Vacon develops, manufacture and sell AC drives that boost the performance of electric motors and save energy. An AC drive adjusts the speed of an electric motor according to the real process need, typically reducing energy consumption by 20-50%. Vacon customers benefit by being able to optimize their operations, save and produce energy more efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Giles Foods CS UK

From baguettes to focaccias and beyond, Giles Foods is a leading UK manufacturer of frozen and chilled food products for the wholesale, catering and bake-off markets. Established in 1977, the family owned company suffered a major fire in the late 1990s that might have ruined the business. Instead, the company responded by growing turnover from zero to 17m in the following six years.


Howe Corporation CS ENS

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Howe Corporation is the leading manufacturer for refrigeration and ice machine equipment. Founded in 1912, Howe is a familyowned company that has a reputation for innovative design and quality service. From the company’s first patent for an industry-changing “safety head” discharge valve, to a pioneering design in force-feed lubrication, and a landmark multicylinder compressor configuration, Howe has always been
committed to improving the status quo in its industry.


Success Story – Johnson Controls

We were the Flintstones. Now we’re the Jetsons.” That’s the metaphor Dave Rose, Quality Engineer at Johnson Controls, uses to illustrate the difference Epicor Mattec MES has made in his plant’s production, process and quality monitoring capabilities. Rose is talking specifically about how the process of setting control limits for fill times and cycle times on his plant’s 44 injection molding machines has evolved since Mattec MES’ implementation.


Success Story – Rentokil Initial

With the introduction of new products and services a priority, Rentokil Initial identified a need to align and improve its processes internally. “A recent visit to a warehouse identified that transitioning to the Epicor ERP solution has saved colleagues three hours per day due to its improved speed. The benefit of this alone is palpable,” comments Robinson.


Customer endorsements


Grow Your Business

Epicor ERP 10: Building a Responsive and Agile Business

Epicor’s Manufacturing ERP Software Helps Your Business Stay Lean

Financial Management

Comprehensive accounting capabilities, designed for growing businesses that need global financials


Businesses ultimately succeed or fail based on their ability to effectively manage a profitable enterprise. The combination of a competitive, global environment and mandatory regulatory compliance makes successfully managing your finances one of the biggest challenges your organisation can come up against.


Epicor Financial Management gives you access to real-time fiscal information and provides the modern platform to accommodate organisations strategic, technical and operational processes and goals.


Our goal is to help every African business achieve sound financial management


Built for the highly regulated and increasingly global business world to support effective financial management and control, from a single general ledger to the extended global enterprise. Epicor automates and streamlines your financial processes, supports complex legislative requirements and creates value through real time financial reporting.


The South African manufacturing sector is under pressure and often optimised processes and systems have a marked benefit on reducing overheads, improving capacity etc.
The following are some of our core offerings:


Complete Manufacturing Lifecycle


  • Epicor Manufacturing is the most complete manufacturing solution available. Ensuring there is control and visibility throughout the manufacturing lifecycle, starting at the initial customer engagement right through to delivery and support.
  • Epicor ERP enables you to plan, schedule, execute and monitor the entire manufacturing process in real time. From tracking raw materials, right through to final product our mixed-mode, to-order philosophy provides the greatest level of flexibility and agility possible.

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MRP Software


  • Embracing the latest in technology and built on a single unified data model, Epicor Manufacturing provides a real-time, accurate view of your manufacturing process, so you can proactively manage your operations with confidence. Embedded business process management’s provides the flexibility you need to do business the way you want to do it.


Manufacturing Execution System


  • Epicor Mattec MES collects data directly from equipment and operators on the shop floor in real time, minimising inaccurate and time-consuming manual data collection. With real time and accurate information in your hands, you can become proactive, and anticipate and solve production problems before they happen.
  • Real-time insight helps manufacturers pinpoint critical issues, reduce waste, and improve quality. Ultimately improving customer service.

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Supply Chain


Distribution System


Effective distribution means having the right tools to efficiently plan, assemble, ship and deliver the goods your customers want, when they want them. It’s one thing to understand the distribution needs of your organization, but quite another to execute at peak performance. For that, you need the right software solution.


Distribution Management Software


Epicor Distribution offers you the full range of functionality you require, including in-depth supply chain solutions, customer relationship management, business intelligence and more. So whether you simply pick, pack and ship or provide extensive multi-order channel processing with fulfillment services on your clients’ behalf, Epicor Distribution provides the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

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Services Organizations are tasked with maintaining high levels of service delivery against a backdrop of increasingly burdensome legislative requirements and heightened client expectations. These pressures require a comprehensive business solution comprising strong back office capabilities with services-specific functionality such as opportunity management, resource management, portfolio management, services delivery and budgeting and procurement supported by flexible reporting and analysis. Furthermore to meet the high level of change faced by services organizations these systems must be highly flexible.


Epicor® Services is a comprehensive solution portfolio that enables you to win and resource your business, manage service delivery, streamline financial operations and analyze business performance across the entire service organization. Embracing the latest in technology, Epicor Service solutions provide a real-time, accurate view of your services business, so you can proactively manage with confidence. Embedded business process management provides the flexibility you need as your business evolves.

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Our solutions for services organizations optimize your business processes, empowering you to expand the value chain, grow revenue and drive efficiency benefits straight to the bottom line.

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Services – Our professional services can be summarised as follows: