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Make Faster, Smarter Data-Driven Decisions With ERP Solutions For Your Manufacturing Business.

Allow our professional team with more than 75 years of experience to assess your manufacturing business and implement the perfect ERP solution that will boost sales, slash costs and increase profits. Take your business to the next level with just one click.

We Cut Our Lead Times By 76%!

Our powerful manufacturing ERP software solutions accelerated growth for Agriplas, a manufacturer of perfect water systems. Using our proprietary ERPTransform implementation methodology, we were able to help this industry giant reduce lead times exponentially, improve productivity and access meaningful data. We can work the same magic for your manufacturing business!

Modernise your manufacturing resource planning with world-class software that can intuitively track, report on, and interpret your business processes. Empower your employees to perform optimally when they can access data anytime, on any device, through the Internet of Things. Unify your business’s processes with one analytic system that empowers effective problem-solving.
Let us show you how.

Harness The Power of The Best
Manufacturing Resource Planning Software

Access Data & Analytics

Assess performance from the manufacturing floor to the boardroom and make changes to accelerate growth.

Easily Control Inventory
Streamline your warehouse to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase profits.
Improve Order Management
Supercharge your manufacturing processes to reduce lead times and increase capacity.
Manage Risk & Compliance
Ensure that all of the secret weapons your ERP provides your business with are kept secure with custom controls.
Maximise revenue by improving customers’ journeys every step of the way.
Enjoy Increased

Destroy silos and integrate all departments and processes for improved results.

Improve Financial
Grow your business with the financial control that a manufacturing system can provide.

Navigate Data In Real-Time With Improved Visibility

Make future-orientated decisions with user-friendly reports that tell you all you need to know about production, lead times, quality, sales, returns, equipment and more. Complete Manufacturing Lifecycle systems give you access to rich, meaningful data that makes for better business. Track production scheduling and progress as it happens. Increase manufacturing automation with insights that drive deeper understanding and improved processes.

Reduce Waste And Keep Customers Happy

Have the right stock on hand at the right time, every time, with MES solutions that track trends, production scheduling and movement of inventory as and when it happens. Forecast demand accurately with AI to improve your business’s flexibility and ability to satisfy customers. Manufacturing resource planning allows you to maintain inventory levels whilst ensuring that employee and equipment downtime is kept to a minimum.

Reduce Lead Time And Become Competitive

Orientate your business towards success with manufacturing management software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline end-to-end production and processing. Receive orders within the parameters of your production capacity for improved delivery and manage equipment maintenance proactively to ensure orders are completed to your quality standards. Enjoy all of this and more with automated features built to fit your business. 

Give Your Customers A Memorable, Positive Experience

Unlock CRM tools that attract and retain happy customers with manufacturing execution systems and ERP solutions that enable eCommerce, in-store commerce, improved sales tracking, forecasts and much more! Increase your profits with improved customer experiences that are much easier for your employees to action and maintain sustainably, thanks to user-friendly, built-in features and tools.

Unleash The Power Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Ensure that the warehouse, production floor and front-office staff are on the same page with the internet of things that combines all business functions with your manufacturing department. Connect your smart machines with the entire system to increase uptime and optimise productivity so that your manufacturing floor is always working as hard as you are.

Manage Your Financials And Improve Your Bottom Line

Use data to make future-proof decisions that will increase profits and minimise losses. Access financial data on any device, in any one of your offices, in any currency with ERP and MES systems made for the manufacturing industry. Give your expert in-house financial team the tools they need to easily track and report on the numbers that matter.

Allow Us To Implement The Perfect ERP and MES Solution In Your Manufacturing Business

Our expert team has been around the block, and we know how to implement the ERP and MES software that your business needs to get to the next level with:

We speak your language. Take advantage of our comprehensive industry knowledge to unleash massive growth with tried-and-tested methods that always yield results.


Become More Agile, Competitive and Profitable.
Allow Our Dedicated Team Of Experts To Assess Your ERP Needs, Obligation-Free!

We Partner with Only the Best

As a vendor-neutral ERP solutions provider we only partner with the best. Let us advise you on the most suitable solutions for your business.

Other Industries We Serve With Transformative ERP Solutions

With more than 75 years of experience and 100 successful ERP projects implemented, our qualified team takes the “Eek!” out of ERP. Whether you are a startup with dreams of scaling or a massive global competitor, we can help accelerate your business’s growth and increase your profits.

Choose AI-driven solutions that are flexible, customisable and scalable at speed by working with us to future-proof your business. We focus on the software so that you can focus on your business. Beyond implementing manufacturing execution systems that will guarantee your business results, we service any and all other industries.

Agriculture and Food

Ensuring incremental cost savings and efficiencies in an industry that faces erratic weather conditions and ever-increasing customer expectations.

Electronics and

With business solutions as cutting-edge as the products manufactured, electronics business enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 traceability.

Plastics and Rubber

We help manufactures increase quality and productivity while reducing waste for streamlined operations and bottom-line benefits.


With improved workforce efficiencies and outputs, packaging businesses benefit from the improved productivity while minimizing wastage.

Complex Supply Chain

With 24/7 traceability, supply chain companies are able to manage their entire logistics chain with ease and make informed business decisions.

Other Industries

From automative, energy and construction to manufacturing industrial machinery, metals, medical devices and discreet manufacturing.

Trust The Professionals To Implement The ERP Solution
Your Business Needs To Unlock Massive Growth!

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