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Systemise Every Part of Your Business With Our ERP Solutions

Efficiently manage your resources, automate workflows, and gain valuable insights with Epicerp’s customizable ERP solutions.

The Benefits to You

A world-class integrated ERP solution implemented correctly can:


Increase Sales

  • Reduce the turnaround time to provide quotes and proposals
  • Provide accurate order fulfilment times
  • Improved stock forecasting, leading to less stock-outs

Reduce Costs

  • Increase productivity by automating tasks and identifying bottlenecks
  • Improve stock management, leading to lower stock holding costs
  • Improve governance which reduces fraud and theft risk

Improve Visibility

  • Improve competitiveness through analysing customer buying behaviour
  • Create visibility that enables better planning and business process streamlining
  • Continuous monitoring of key business metrics, improving agility


By a highly qualified senior team.
Our team will help you interpret your business needs and map that against the right solutions.


With over 75 years of experience.
We have partnered with the best in the industry to bring you the solution with the right fit.


Full cycle implementation
Phased approach to grow as your business does.

Our Proprietary ERP Transform Methodology is Your Solution

Don’t fall into the rabbit-hole of complexity. With 100+ successful implementations under our belt, ERP is in our DNA. Let us focus on the software, while you drive growth and profitability.

We have developed a winning methodology that has been refined over 75 years of experience from our leadership in delivering enterprise solutions. Backed by strong academic credentials, our team can help you interpret your business needs and map that against the right solutions.

No matter the industry, size and complexity of the organisation – we produce results.

With over 75 years’ experience, our outstanding advisory and implementation team will ensure a successful implementation every time – giving you peace of mind and substantial returns on your investment – GUARANTEED!

Deep Industry Expertise with Customers Across South Africa

With broad industry knowledge, experience and insight, we can provide you with solutions that help grown and transform your business.

A&D & High-Tech

With business solutions as cutting-edge as the products manufactured, electronics business enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 traceability.

Plastics & Rubber

We help manufactures increase quality and productivity while reducing waste for streamlined operations and bottom-line benefits.

Medical Technology

Boost efficiency with our ERP solutions tailored for medical tech. Enhance productivity and minimize waste for top-tier patient care.

Complex Supply Chain

With 24/7 traceability, supply chain companies are able to manage their entire logistics chain with ease and make informed business decisions.

Let us use our insight to provide you with a no-obligation assessment and further information on how we can provide your business with solutions to grown and transform your business.

We Partner with Only the Best

As a vendor-neutral ERP solutions provider we only partner with the best. Let us advise you on the most suitable solutions for your business.


Case Studies

We have successfully partnered with a number of clients to help transform their business with an ERP solution. See our case studies for more information.

ERP is in Our DNA

The name says it all: epic ERP. We are a proudly South African full-service Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting firm with customers and team members across Southern Africa. 

We know the territory, we know the operating conditions and we have the broad industry knowledge and experience of working with both mid-sized entrepreneurial and corporate organisations to deliver value from their investments.


In The News

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Send Through your CV to Apply

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