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Custom ERP is dead

- also featured on IT Online and Digital Street -    Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is dead, says epic ERP strategy director, Dr Daneel van Eck.   When it comes to ERP there has long been debate around whether to custom build or buy a...

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epic ERP partners with Ability Solutions

- also featured on IT Online, ITWeb and GadgetGirl -    epic ERP has appointed Ability Solutions as its latest Southern African partner to resell the Epicor range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solutions.   According to epic ERP MD, Stuart Scanlon, Ability Solutions’ culture of strong...

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Digitalisation Doesn’t Have to Be All-Or-Nothing

- whitepaper also featured on ITWeb -   One would be hardpressed to find a distribution executive who doesn’t agree that the future of their industry is digital. Business-to-business distributors have long been behind the times when it comes to technology innovation—and...

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8 Habits of High-Gross-Margin Distributors

The ultimate goal of most companies is to improve their profit margins, and distributors are no exception. In fact, distributors may focus on this more than manufacturers or retailers, since they effectively connect the two sectors and don’t have the control or...

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the importance of prioritising cloud security

Why Cloud Security Must Be Prioritised

-By Stuart Scanlon, MD of epic ERP, and featured in IT Online - South African businesses are now facing the truth that the cloud is an indispensable part of standard operating procedures required for the digital landscape. The arrival of multinational data...

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Demystifying the (ERP) Cloud

-By Dr Daneel van Eck, software architect at epic ERP, and featured on ITWeb, BusinessIT and Gadget - The arrival of multi-national data centres in the country makes the cloud a business priority. It is an essential tool in how a company...

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Manufacturing for Tomorrow

Smart machines, IoT and Industry 4.0 are enabling manufacturers to digitally transform their operational processes and evolve into faster, leaner businesses. Those manufacturers that aren’t making any moves to implement these technologies and strategies run the risk of falling further...

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epicERP technical recession image

Continue (ERP) innovation in times of crisis

Last month, South Africa officially entered into a technical recession. According to reports, it is the country’s first since the 2008/2009 global financial crisis. So, even though corporate budgets have been under pressure for some time, the expectations are that...

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epic ERP drone image

Enter the drones

Whether it is showing customers how construction sites are progressing in India, helping utility companies spot faults in distribution lines across the United States, or assisting with stock take at warehouse operations in South Africa, drones have changed the way...

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epic ERP warehouse automation

ERP enabling more efficient warehouse automation

While machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have gotten their share of the limelight recently, there is a third component that is becoming more prevalent in warehouses and manufacturing plants around the world; robots and process automation. Even though this is...

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EpicERP ioT and food traceability

IoT and ERP combine for improved food traceability

By 2020, more than 20 billion connected things will be in use worldwide across consumer and business segments. This is an estimated 2.6 smart connections for every person on the planet! Clearly, the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to...

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FoodTraceabilty (1)

ERP to underpin food traceability market

The food traceability market is expected to reach almost $20 billion by 2022 as increased consumer awareness, strict governance requirements, and advances in technology are resulting in growing standardisation of the segment. Just like any data-driven environment, one of the...

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smart-farming image

ERP adding value to Smart Farming

South Africa’s agricultural sector contributed more than R80 billion to the country’s GDP while the value of its production was approximately R273 billion in 2016/17. Even without factoring in the indirect role it plays in growing the economy, the industry...

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It’s time to get SMART

We can’t get around it, and why should we, the world around us is becoming smarter. Things and, more importantly, consumers are becoming more connected and making more immediate demands. So, what can you do to ensure your business stays on...

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gen z

Gen Z is coming! Are you ready?

According to the CNBC, about 61 000 Gen Zers are on the verge of entering the workforce and consumer market in the US alone. They are digital natives; they have grown up in a world of vines, txts (yes, we know) and...

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yellow boots on the road

No, that’s not your business’s sweet spot

We’ve all been there – the table after a business seminar where people dressed in suits talk about how they’ve found their business’s sweet spot. They’ve grown immensely over the past 18 months and, from where they’re sitting, the future...

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Navigating the ERP purchase decision-making process

When purchasing a strategic software solution, such as a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, making the right decision is vital. The following steps are designed to give organisations a better understanding of the functions needed for the business software...

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How to read data off a donkey cart

The donkey cart. A simple, effective mode of transport that has been used throughout the world to move people and their goods. On its own the donkey cart provides no meaningful data, but put a cell phone on the cart...

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Fenner Selects Epicor ERP to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

World Leader in Conveyor Belting Solutions Chooses Epicor and epic ERP to Deliver Real-Time Manufacturing Solutions Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organisations, today announced that Fenner South Africa has chosen...

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Why ERP is like a Marriage

Why ERP Partnerships are not like Marriage

Business Relationships are like Marriages:   A business relationship is often likened to that of a marriage requiring a long-term commitment and compromises from both parties. However, the partnership between organisations and their enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors are significantly more nuanced....

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Ethics and Relationships

Ethics and Relationships: You’re Invited to a Marriage!

Join Epic ERP: Exposing the Flaws in Traditional ERP Relationships: Our MC, Gavin Sharples, is known for his non-traditional take on motivation and relationships. Top psychologists will take on the task of comparing vendor relationships to those in a marriage: Ethics and ERP...

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Mobile ERP

ERP is Going Mobile

In an increasingly connected world, companies are embracing mobile as an effective platform to communicate, manage employees and reach customers or suppliers. This is seeing traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions evolving to be more cognisant of an active user...

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Mobile ERP

ERP bringing about behaviour change

Changing Behaviour from Enterprise Resource Planning: Despite the focus on digital transformation, the value traditional approaches bring to the organisation cannot be underestimated. By having a solid foundation underpinned by proven business best practices, the organisation is in a much better...

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Company Culture

Epic ERP: Adapting to change

Despite change in the workplace being a common occurrence, the pace of it has escalated significantly in recent months given the importance of digital transformation in business. How then can employees successfully adapt to it while still maintaining focus on...

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Mobile ERP

Embracing a Mobile ERP World:

Stuart Scanlon Speaks on Mobile ERP:   The popular IT vernacular of last year – cloud computing, big data, and virtualisation – has been replaced with the likes of mobility and digital transformation. And yet, the building blocks of enterprise resource planning...

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Astria Technologies

Epicor expands South African footprint

Epicor Appoints Astraia Technology: ERP Suite of Business Solutions: Western Cape technology consulting firm Astraia Technology has been appointed as an Epicor Value Added Reseller (VAR) through South African distributor Epic ERP. This sees companies in the region benefitting from strong local...

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Site Report – EpicERP(central cloud)

epic ERP teams up with CentralCloud to roll out cloud-based ERP solution to the African market JOHANNESBURG – May 11, 2017 – epic ERP, a value added Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) software reseller, has joined forces with CentralCloud to bring...

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Mustek Selects Epicor ERP

Mustek Selects Epicor ERP to Support Ongoing Business Growth in South Africa South African ICT Supplier to Bring Efficiencies and Improved Collaboration across the Business Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry specific software to promote business growth, announced today that...

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TEKCO selects Epicor ERP to support ongoing international growth

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organisations, today announced that TEKCO has chosen the next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Epicor ERP, to upgrade its manufacturing processes and improve system integration to support its...

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The cloud is here: 3 things you need to know

The mysterious cloud looms ever closer with its slew of promises and improved services. However, there are a few critical elements companies need to consider so the right decision is made for your business.   Security   It is said that fortune favours the...

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Epicor signs new partner in SA

IT Reseller Pros Software Forms ERP-Division, epic ERP, to Meet Market Demand for Manufacturing-Specific ERP Solutions   Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today it has signed epic ERP as a new value-added...

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