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Ethics and Relationships: You’re Invited to a Marriage!

Ethics and Relationships

Ethics and Relationships: You’re Invited to a Marriage!

Join Epic ERP: Exposing the Flaws in Traditional ERP Relationships:

Our MC, Gavin Sharples, is known for his non-traditional take on motivation and relationships.

Top psychologists will take on the task of comparing vendor relationships to those in a marriage: Ethics and ERP can co-exist!

GIBBS Doctoral Candidate will advise on how to tell when costs start outweighing benefits – it’s time to exit!

Some ERP implementations fail. How do you avoid making an epic mistake when choosing your vendor?

Event Date and Time:

  • Tuesday, 28 November 2017 13:00PM
  • La Toscana, Montecasino


Why Should YOU Attend?

  • This is the most innovative ERP event of the year! Never before attempted and first of it’s kind.
  • Additionally, as a guest, you will learn whether your relationship with your technology vendor is really working. Which, saves you and your company money!


You will gain Expert Opinions in:

  • ERP and Ethical Relationships within the industry
  • Whether or not you’re in an abusive relationship
  • Due to those never-ending ERP costs, at what point should you divorce your ERP vendor?


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