Q&A with our ERP newb Corne

Q & A with our ERP Newb, Corné!

We believe that epic ERP is just that, epic! So, to put it to the test, we thought we would ask our recently recruited Finance Manager, Corné van der Westhuizen, her thoughts about the company, and the onboarding process.

epic ERP: It is great to have you onboard, Corné! Where are you joining us from?

Corné: I started my career in 2012 as a trainee accountant at an audit practice. My four years with the audit practice gave me a lot of exposure to a host of industries (small to medium size companies). Once I completed my articles, I accepted a position as a financial clerk at a horticulture company in 2016. I was fortunate to have been promoted twice, from admin clerk to financial controller, thereafter I was promoted to finance manager in 2018. My time with this horticulture company had many highlights – l grew and learned so much as an individual. Some of these highlights include the responsibility given to me as finance manager, it broadened my perspective beyond just crunching numbers, made me think and work within a team and taught me to think as a problem solver.


epic ERP: Why did you decide to climb aboard the epic ERP train?

Corné: Honestly, when the recruiter suggested I apply for this role I initially said: “No way! The tech industry is so complicated”, haha. But even after the very first interview with the epic ERP team I was impressed by the family-like company culture and really wanted to be a part of it.


epic ERP: In a nutshell, what does your role at epic ERP entail? 

Corné: I am employed as the finance manager. My responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations (SARS, Company’s Act, etc)
  • Preparing and maintaining important financial information and reports
  • Assist the business in making critical financial decisions by collecting, tracking and correcting the company’s finances
  • Ensure adherence to implemented controls and procedures
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epic ERP: What have been the highlights of transitioning to this role so far?

Corné: Being with my previous employer for almost six years, my colleagues truly became like family and I wasn’t expecting to feel quite at home for some time. But I was received with a warm welcome at epic ERP and within these few weeks, I already feel part of the team!

The induction process here was also comprehensive, and the previous finance manager has been incredibly helpful with the handover. He even made tutorial videos I can refer back to you, and helped me decipher all the acronyms that are used in a tech environment.

Other highlights would include the exposure to a new industry and making new acquaintances.

epic ERP: And the lowlights?

Corné: Lowlights would be the typical “teething issues” in a new role of being unfamiliar with the accounting system and unfamiliar with the processes and procedures, which I’m getting more comfortable with.

epic ERP: How would you describe your start at epic ERP so far in three words?

Corné: Exciting, supportive, and epic!

epic ERP: Lastly, what do you hope to achieve while at epic ERP?

Corné: I hope to be a valued member of the Epic family, assisting the business to grow even more into the wonderful potential I see for it!