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Future-Proof your Business

Benefiting from incremental cost savings and maximised efficiencies has never been more crucial than now, as economic pressure increases along with customer expectations.

We understand the pressures of your industry, and offer the business solutions and deep sector understanding that solve your unique problems. Our leading Epicor solutions take care of the day-to-day measurement and operational optimisations, freeing you up to do what you do best – drive business growth.

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``The savings we achieved through the Epicor ERP solution have been tremendous.``

Tracey Gregory

VP of Finance | Insul-Serve Management Ltd

Solutions Built for a Range of Industries

Backed by 45 years of development and deep industry experience, you can be assured of receiving the leading solution to solve your unique industry challenges.

Can’t find your industry here? More sector-specific solutions are available for the agriculture, plastics and rubber, electronics, packaging and supply chain industries.


Staying ahead in the automotive manufacturing industry can be challenging with new technically advanced vehicles, demographic shifts and preferences, and hybrid models. Epicor has the software solutions to maximize your efficiency and flexibility, and keep your business on pace with the global automotive market.


– Create a world-class planning and materials logistics system.

Improve lead time and reduce waste through implementation of lean production strategies.

– Supervise the entire product process and product life history.

– Embedded robust quality management provides a foundation for meeting product quality standards and cost reductions across your entire enterprise.

Synchronize manufacturing operations globally through enterprise purchasing management and multi-plant management.

– Gain complete visibility with a comprehensive end-to-end solution.


Construction & Engineering

The Engineering and Construction industry is an ever-shifting industry sector, marked by cycles of growth and decline, and, most recently, acquisition and consolidation. Engineering and construction firms are increasing their investments in new technologies for more efficient operations and to compete in the global market. Epicor has the software solutions you need to differentiate your business and exceed market demand.


Complete visibility of project based resources including assets, inventory, materials and labor.

Comprehensive project management, including multilevel work breakdown structures, robust resource scheduling, and effective contract management.

Accurate, timely billing of project costs through seamless collection of time, material, and expense transactions.

Efficient bid management through embedded customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities including visibility of historical bids.

Flexible, strong revenue recognition capabilities including profitability tracking and margin control.

Comprehensive asset management, which improves reliability and reduces costs to maintain equipment.


Discreet Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing is a complex business. Epicor has powerful software solutions with the functionality to manage that complexity—available in the cloud, on premises or as a managed service.


– Optimize lean manufacturing to focus on the key priorities to make smarter decisions, eliminate waste and increase customer satisfaction

Track, measure, and monitor your entire business, from shop floor to top floor and from raw materials to final product

Access and visualize critical information anytime or anywhere from any device

Improve production planning to eliminate bottlenecks and idle equipment

Reduce costs and streamline processes while you grow revenue and increase profits



The rapid decline of oil prices, growth of alternative energy sources and reduction in capital spending have created serious challenges for the manufacturers in today’s energy industry. In addition, the global economy growing significantly and will require even more energy usage. Epicor has the software solutions you need for success in this changing environment.


Manage complex projects that can require intricate multilevel phases, as well as strict costing and complex billing

– Perform detailed estimation, planning, scheduling, costing and supply chain logistics for complete control and analysis of any project

Optimize project management, mobile field service management, maintenance management, financial management, asset management and customer relationship management (CRM)

Agile production management that supports a variety of production methods ranging from discrete to mixed-mode, engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, and configure-to-order

Integrated engineering, procurement, production, and services

Comprehensive field service functionality and full data synchronization in a workflow-based mobile application


Fabricated Metals

Fabricated metal manufacturers continue to face strong headwinds in growing revenue and maintaining healthy margins due to global competition, material price volatility, and increasing customer demands. To gain a competitive advantage, many metal fabricators are investing in new and innovative technologies integrating the factory floor to the front office. Epicor has the software solutions that can help fabricators streamline their operations and experience growth in spite of these challenges.


Eliminate redundant processes and increase efficiency of plant floor operations.

Gain greater insight and visibility between plant and office operations both locally and globally.

– Deliver goods that meet or exceed compliance and traceability requirements from raw material to finished product especially in highly regulated industries.

Reduce or eliminate reactive equipment maintenance with automatic real-time production monitoring.

Improve customer satisfaction and maintain preferred supplier status.


Industrial Machinery

Thousands of companies worldwide manufacture the sophisticated machines used in agriculture, mining, construction, power generation and oil and gas production. A commitment to technical innovation is essential to continued leadership in a competitive global marketplace. Epicor has the software solutions to help manage complex engineering requirements, ensure production efficiency, and meet or exceed customer expectations while keeping costs low.


– Support lean manufacturing and automate business processes to reduce waste in the enterprise, resulting in reduced labour and material costs.

Satisfy customer requirements, control costs, and improve processes with a robust quality management system.

Track detailed cost estimates and capture actual costs throughout the life of the contract or project.

Integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) helps you control complex designs and specifications and minimize the impacts of engineering changes.

Improve production management, review and update production plan as demand changes across your multi-site and global operations.


Medical Devices

As medical devices become more sophisticated, research and development expenses increase, along with regulatory standards. Today, despite an optimistic outlook, the industry is facing revenue and profitability challenges. Epicor has the software solutions that can help you manage costs, respond to market changes, and address rigorous regulatory requirements.


Complete product history and visibility is available, from engineering to submission to production, to fulfillment and delivery, and to service and finance.

Support product traceability, product documentation, revision change control and electronic signature.

Traceability over lot tracked and serial tracked parts, including serial genealogy of component products to meet customer and industry requirements.

Automate the compliance process and reduce the risk of warning, recall and customer issues.

– Complete validation toolset reduces the cost and effort of software validation.

– Leverage a central knowledge repository for process and product history.

Meet requirements for doing business locally and on a global scale.


Process Manufacturing

Today’s process manufacturers are employing ingenuity, agility and technology to succeed in an ever-evolving environment of regulatory requirements and consumer trends. Gains in productivity and reduction in time to market are key concerns. Epicor has flexible software solutions that enable you to improve the efficiency of your supply chain and as well as increase visibility and end-to-end traceability.


Manage your entire business processes end-to-end from time of order through production and delivery.

Improve yield and quality in recipe-based manufacturing.

Accommodate rapid changes in consumer trends to maximize sales growth and ensure customer satisfaction.

Plan and control stock, production, planning and distribution.

– Manage, maintain, and improve production accurately and in real time.

Meet tough regulatory standards where origin and use of every ingredient has to be recorded.

Forecast demand pull scheduling and cost allocation across co-products and by-products.

The Benefits Speak for Themselves

Epicor software enables businesses like yours to benefit from a range of efficiencies, all with a proven impact on bottom-line profitability.

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Real-Time Traceability

Actionable visibility into business operations empowers effective decision-making.


Workforce & Equipment Efficiency

Through real-time performance data and the elimination of manual data collection.


Future-Proofing Technology

Future-proofing through the replacement of soon-to-be obsolete technology.


Supply Chain Management

Stronger cost control and ongoing supply chain management increases profitability.

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Software Solutions for Your Business

These proven solutions help businesses like yours meet the unique challenges of your industry.


Epicor ERP

Comprehensive business software solutions and future-proofing technology available on premises or in the cloud.


Cloud ERP

Enjoy the improved security, business continuity and collaboration capabilities of data in the highly accessible cloud.


Epicor iOT Solutions

Advanced MES for the smart factory with production control software that provides instant monitoring and control.

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Why Partner With Us

The Epic ERP Way


We are a proudly South African company with an experienced and enthusiastic team of consultants, who help clients solve business problems unique to their local marketplace. As the official master reseller for Epicor Software Corporation in Southern Africa, we provide a platform to harness the best in ERP across on-premise and cloud-based environments.


At epic ERP we focus on four main business drivers:


Profitability. Get the visibility and accessibility to data that you need, to understand what is happening in your business at any time, from any device.


Productivity. Gain efficiencies with capabilities that support lean organisations and smart factory initiatives, and empower employees with real-time access to the shop floor.


Future-proof. Greater and easier connectedness with open architecture and extensibility that offers users a way to tap into modern technologies as they become mainstream.


Opportunity. Add new services and products to grow your business, and extend your reach by selling into new segments and geographies.

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