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It’s time to get SMART

We can’t get around it, and why should we, the world around us is becoming smarter. Things and, more importantly, consumers are becoming more connected and making more immediate demands.

So, what can you do to ensure your business stays on par with or, better yet, ahead of this industry curve? Simple, you embrace Smart Manufacturing.

The market is becoming more cut-throat by the day, which means you can no longer afford to wait for trends; you need to be the one setting them. Not even to mention the implications of having to recall your product. How can you prevent these issues from causing havoc in your business? Smart Manufacturing.

How can Smart Manufacturing future-proof your business?

By using technology to connect all systems, operations and departments you build a smart manufacturing network for your business. This network provides access to real-time data as well as analysed data that all the decision makers can have access to when needed.

The whole principle behind Smart Manufacturing is to make business run smoother, quicker and more transparently.

A Smart Manufacturing network is capable of collecting shop floor data, as it happens, from personnel and machines to translate it into actionable information to guide business. Real-time data that is processed and analysed correctly enables companies to cut out the broken telephone syndrome, as everyone will have a clear view of what’s happening where.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy insight into how you can further develop products and the manufacturing process, where you can optimise and what can be cut altogether. So, instead of staying alongside the trends, you’ll be in a position to identify industry gaps before your competition, disrupting the game entirely and stepping into the lead.

As the data collected is so accurate in a Smart Manufacturing network, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where something went wrong and where that batch went. You’ll be able to recall the exact defected products and have the evidence on your side that what you send to market is of the highest quality; hence, avoiding a PR nightmare.

Better yet, this kind of system can even indicate when something might potentially go wrong, based on either human error or machine malfunction. You will also be notified when machinery needs services or to do maintenance. Practising preventative manufacturing creates a safer and streamlined working environment.

In addition to Smart Manufacturing software, such as Epicor, you can also use stock-taking drones that record shop floor data. Relying on technology to reduce the menial and repetitive tasks, such as stock take, that your staff needs to complete, you’ll be able to free them up to do additional and more satisfying work; hence, building a stronger workforce.

One of the key aspects to survive and profit in an economy that’s under pressure and in a competitive market is to use accurately interpreted shop floor data that forms part of a Smart Manufacturing network. So, stop wasting precious time and get smart.

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