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Epicor iScala: Business Management Software to Drive Growth

With your industry constantly in motion, you need proven business management capabilities that will underpin your business operations. Epicor iScala is designed for the worldwide divisions and subsidiaries of multinational corporations and large local or regional companies that may have significant cross-border trading requirements. Epicor iScala supports financials, supply chain management, light manufacturing, sales, service, rental, and lease management. Enable revenue and profit growth with an enterprise solution that is proven, simple, expandable, and secure.

  • Make better decisions and improve processes with accurate data in the office or on the move
  • Find information for your customers quickly―even when supporting thousands spread across the globe
  • Use your data for responsiveness and create a streamlined supply chain with suppliers, partners, and customers
  • Establish a continuous improvement environment by easily and consistently analyzing information to improve strategies and processes
  • Handle local and cross-border trading requirements with ease

Learn What's New in the Latest Release of iScala to Drive Growth

Eliminate barriers to business growth, increase compliance, mitigate risk, and be ready for future changes

Energizer Thailand

“The Thai market with its different pricing policies on raw material and supplies made things very difficult and complicated for the system configuration. However, we did not face this with Epicor iScala, as the solution aided us in enhancing our sales performance.

―Ms. Kongked Hadpinkajornjaru

Senior System Analyst, Energizer Thailand Ltd.

Success Story: Energized Thailand

SKF Automotive Bearings

“We achieved the highest sales record last year in our history. I believe this was closely related with the implementation of iScala.”

―Osama Ali

Engineer and ERP Project Manager for Durrat Resort Management

Success Story: SKF Automotive Bearings Co. Ltd.

Kiilto Family Oy

“By combining Epicor ERP and iScala as a two-tiered ERP solution, all the information is gathered in one place.This has helped us to meet our business challenges and increase opportunities to grow.”

―Ville Kenttä

ICT Service Manager, Kiilto Family Oy

Success Story: Kiilto Family Oy

Tata Global Beverages

“Each year, as new players enter the field, iScala has enabled us to carefully track, analyze, and strategically predict customer buying habits. As a result, we’ve been able to stay in front of the competition through promotions and tactics that strategically leverage the shelf and sales value of our quality, world-renown brands.”

―Robert Hipp

IT Manager, Tata Global Beverages Polska Sp Zoo

Success Story: Tata Global Beverage Polska