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iScala for Hospitality

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Epicor iScala for Hospitality: Solution to help drive and manage growth

Streamline and control your business fast with a quick to implement back-office solution designed to meet unique hospitality requirements.

Epicor iScala for Hospitality delivers the simplest and fastest way to provide a fully functional integrated back-office solution that helps drive efficiency and cost savings across all key focus areas of the business. Designed to meet unique hospitality requirements for a single location hotel or multi-site operation with mixed shared service centers and local facilities dispersed around the globe.

Epicor iScala for Hospitality is available on premise, as a hosted solution or cloud-deployed and meets the needs of hotels and resorts by simplifying cost management, streamlining key activities, helps meet statutory requirements on the global stage with multi-language and country specific capabilities, plus robust financial management, business intelligence, and more.

Epicor iScala for Hospitality lets the business:
  • Streamline and standardize back-office processes
  • Manage costs and drive bottom line profits
  • Capture and manage key finance information
  • Simplify operations and reduce overheads
  • Integrate front and back office systems
  • Analyze financial reports in real-time
  • Eliminate duplicate processes
  • Operate in nearly paperless environments

Learn How Other Hospitality Customers Have Grown With Epicor iScala for Hospitality

Working with both large and small hospitality organizations around the world Epicor iScala is quick to implement and to go into production. The Epicor iScala for Hospitality Solution meets the unique hospitality requirements for a single location hotel or multi-site operation with mixed shared service centers and local facilities dispersed around the globe.


“Epicor iScala for Hospitality has allowed us to efficiently integrate all of the hotel’s operations, from room reservation and F&B to event sales, human resource, and finance on a single platform. It offers enterprise functionality, combining a rich user experience with absolute flexibility and great performance that allows us to scale and plan for future growth”

-Ferita Tanudjaja, Director of Finance, Hotel Kempinski Indonesia

Success Story: Hotel Kempinski Indonesia


“With Epicor we reduced the process times by 30%. In addition, this solution delivers us the precise tools to improve inventory rotation and stock management, which today is 20% more efficient, thanks to Epicor. This is where we clearly notice the productivity improvement, in the efficiency of the processes, because the Epicor solution has precise functions to help in these tasks.”

-Federico Cerutti, Finance Director of Grand Hyatt Santiago

Success Story: Grand Hyatt Santiago


“We needed a single system that could perform financial consolidation, accounts management, purchasing, issuing purchase orders and invoices, and manage the budget. We also required it to cover some CRM and sales and services functionality so that we could keep better records about our customers’ activities. The financial reporting has improved a lot, and we can produce better data to base business decisions on. Epicor had the exact functionality we were looking for, it was proven to work throughout the Middle East and it was affordable.”

―Osama Ali, Engineer and ERP Project Manager for Durrat Resort Management

Success Story: Durrat Resort Management