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Field Services

Enhance productivity of field operations with mobile automation and integrated information flow. Epicor Field Service Automation (FSA) can help you drive field productivity for individuals and crews, shrink response times, lower costs, improve first-time completion ratios, and increase customer satisfaction to build a competitive advantage.


Epicor Field Service Automation enables you to:

  • Automate manual processes, share best practices and procedural checklists and track service inventory in real time.
  • Speed up and optimise scheduling and dispatch.
  • Integrate information and automate processes to eliminate manual tasks and redundant data entry.
  • Manage contracts, warranties and assets more efficiently.
  • Track asset histories and automate work order generation and billing.
  • Gain real-time insight for improvement, and access operational and resource information at a glance.
  • Track trends and understand costs, so you can manage performance and make better decisions for enhanced profitability.

Field Service Automation Mobile Experience

Field service technicians are able to access and input information in real-time with the use of a smart mobile device, which increases productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Complete work tickets, review service history, manage inventory, access customer pricing, and obtain electronic signatures – all with automated real-time capture.

If you’re looking to truly automate your field service organisation, a mobile app with offline functionality needs to be a priority for your technicians. Epicor’s intuitive, user-friendly, and multiplatform HTML5 mobility solution runs on a variety of devices. Use smartphones, tablets and laptops for both online and offline communications with the back office.

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