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Continue (ERP) innovation in times of crisis

Last month, South Africa officially entered into a technical recession. According to reports, it is the country’s first since the 2008/2009 global financial crisis. So, even though corporate budgets have been under pressure for some time, the expectations are that...

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Enter the drones

Whether it is showing customers how construction sites are progressing in India, helping utility companies spot faults in distribution lines across the United States, or assisting with stock take at warehouse operations in South Africa, drones have changed the way...

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epic ERP warehouse automation

ERP enabling more efficient warehouse automation

While machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have gotten their share of the limelight recently, there is a third component that is becoming more prevalent in warehouses and manufacturing plants around the world; robots and process automation. Even though this is...

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EpicERP ioT and food traceability

IoT and ERP combine for improved food traceability

By 2020, more than 20 billion connected things will be in use worldwide across consumer and business segments. This is an estimated 2.6 smart connections for every person on the planet! Clearly, the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to...

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FoodTraceabilty (1)

ERP to underpin food traceability market

The food traceability market is expected to reach almost $20 billion by 2022 as increased consumer awareness, strict governance requirements, and advances in technology are resulting in growing standardisation of the segment. Just like any data-driven environment, one of the...

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smart-farming image

ERP adding value to Smart Farming

South Africa’s agricultural sector contributed more than R80 billion to the country’s GDP while the value of its production was approximately R273 billion in 2016/17. Even without factoring in the indirect role it plays in growing the economy, the industry...

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It’s time to get SMART

We can’t get around it, and why should we, the world around us is becoming smarter. Things and, more importantly, consumers are becoming more connected and making more immediate demands. So, what can you do to ensure your business stays on...

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