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Custom ERP is dead

- also featured on IT Online and Digital Street -    Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is dead, says epic ERP strategy director, Dr Daneel van Eck.   When it comes to ERP there has long been debate around whether to custom build or buy a...

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epic ERP partners with Ability Solutions

- also featured on IT Online, ITWeb and GadgetGirl -    epic ERP has appointed Ability Solutions as its latest Southern African partner to resell the Epicor range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solutions.   According to epic ERP MD, Stuart Scanlon, Ability Solutions’ culture of strong...

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Digitalisation Doesn’t Have to Be All-Or-Nothing

- whitepaper also featured on ITWeb -   One would be hardpressed to find a distribution executive who doesn’t agree that the future of their industry is digital. Business-to-business distributors have long been behind the times when it comes to technology innovation—and...

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8 Habits of High-Gross-Margin Distributors

The ultimate goal of most companies is to improve their profit margins, and distributors are no exception. In fact, distributors may focus on this more than manufacturers or retailers, since they effectively connect the two sectors and don’t have the control or...

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the importance of prioritising cloud security

Why Cloud Security Must Be Prioritised

-By Stuart Scanlon, MD of epic ERP, and featured in IT Online - South African businesses are now facing the truth that the cloud is an indispensable part of standard operating procedures required for the digital landscape. The arrival of multinational data...

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Demystifying the (ERP) Cloud

-By Dr Daneel van Eck, software architect at epic ERP, and featured on ITWeb, BusinessIT and Gadget - The arrival of multi-national data centres in the country makes the cloud a business priority. It is an essential tool in how a company...

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Manufacturing for Tomorrow

Smart machines, IoT and Industry 4.0 are enabling manufacturers to digitally transform their operational processes and evolve into faster, leaner businesses. Those manufacturers that aren’t making any moves to implement these technologies and strategies run the risk of falling further...

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