Why having Agile Architecture is beneficial for your business


The term “agile” has gotten a lot of architecture buffs into a dizzy spin. How is it possible to move around procedures and processes that have created system stability, which has taken years to build? Simple, because the nature of business has changed, and what took months to evolve can now happen in a matter of days. Is your business ready for any curveballs today’s unstable economy might throw?


Let us begin by imaging a sentient office building that has not only your company’s profitability in mind, but potential growth prospects and current operation and capital costs. This building evolves with the needs of your business. It can identify processes flaws within its own structure that are hindering the positive progression of your business. This is the core concept behind Agile Architecture.

Aside from the obvious benefits of mobility and speed of solution development, communication through critical divisions is essential. Developers and business minds need to come together to ensure that processes streamlined, but are flexible and robust, if not they will become redundant.


epic ERP has taken this into account, and worked with a number of top clients in a collaborative approach towards the development Epicor ERP 10.1.500. A modern Agile Architecture solution that respects the rules of process, but is adaptive to changing operational and market needs unique to every industry. Your organisation is no longer tied down by “data sprawl” but now electively selects critical information points that will put your business three moves ahead.


The approach proved successful as our clients now have an Agile Architecture system that can respond efficiently to economic needs, customer specific requirements, and the best, keeping pace with changes in larger underlying systems like Microsoft operating systems etc.