The cloud is here: 3 things you need to know


The mysterious cloud looms ever closer with its slew of promises and improved services. However, there are a few critical elements companies need to consider so the right decision is made for your business.


  1. Security


It is said that fortune favours the bold, and while this is true, some believe that fortune favours the prepared. It is no secret that cloud based services have scores of the most talented security engineers dedicated to the protection of sensitive data. Not to mention their secure environment benefits from the economies of scale, only the best hardware, software and services are permitted. But that’s them. What does your company have in comparison? According to a recent article on InformationWeek, insider incidents cost companies $4.3 million a year on average. Why would any business leave the protection of private information in the hands of an internal IT team with limited security experience and a potential axe to grind?


  1. Focus


Does the financial manager of your company also handle all the sales and marketing activities? No? Good, their primary function is to make sure the money is turning as it should, not fretting over a golf day or wine tasting for your next customer event. This same logic should be applied to your business. Whether you sell doughnuts or are a law firm, your business should not comprise its primary focus. Inside IT staff should be supporting the day to day running of the business, thus facilitating the delivery of profitable services and sales. Not worrying about backups, security and tracking warranties.


  1. You are already there


Do you use any of the following services in your personal life: online banking, UBER, Facebook, LinkedIn, iTunes, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Play etc.? Well if you answered yes to any one of these, congratulations on adopting the cloud. How ironic. Change is always a major consideration for any organisation, but once you see that the change has already happened in so many unrealised aspects, it is less intimidating. So why buy, manage and maintain expensive hardware when you have already let go of this cluttering sprawl in your own life?


Keep reading next week for more great tips on cloud adoption and why it should be considered!